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Darwell has been in the direct production of specialized monitoring and sensors for data processing for almost 25 years.



















EPO Control
DiT keeps the solution for difficult Emergency Power Off requirements ON THE SHELF. Our TripMaster XL is the industry leader in quick, full featured EPO controls that are standardized and not built on the tailgate of a pickup truck in the parking lot.

Our solution has proven reliability and simply does not fail in an emergency. Engineers across the country specify the TMXL on virtually every data center project they design. Our customers just refuse to install anything else. We welcome you to our long list of customers.

Now we offer a robust, modular TripMaster with heavy duty relay output contacts. There are three individual EPO inputs with output programability. The TM-MOD is a clear choice for projects needing more versatility.

Leak Detection
The world is smaller and business opportunities are global. To serve customers nationwide and worldwide requires extension of companies IT systems outside the traditional headquarters.

Point Monitoring
DiT offers several options for monitoring your leak detection and offers critical devices in your facility. We can also add ETHERNET based emailing for remote alarm notification to any of our monitoring panels for immediate response of events.







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