Water Leak Detection Sensors

Our line of water detectors are designed to meet any customer needs. From point detectors to zone detection to direct-read, we offer a range of products broad enough for any application.

We have been providing the finest in high-tech solutions to industry's monitoring and control needs since 1987. We were the first company to develop a complete line of water detection products that could cover any customer requirement.

Our sensing devices range from point leak detectors to direct-read cable systems which can pinpoint a leak along a 200 foot zone with an accuracy of 1%.

These sensors can be used as stand-alone monitors, their output relays configured to trigger an audible alarm. Alternately, these can be tied into on of Darwell's information gathering units or annunciator panels. These units add powerful features to the monitoring system, such as full programming and remote paging,

For the ultimate in monitoring, the water detection system may be brought into a Windows PC, using Darwell's SitePRO Evolution software. SitePRO provides the ability to create custom graphical interfaces to identify and locate detected leaks. SitePRO removes the limits found in other monitoring and control systems.

Point Water Leak Detection
Perhaps the most important application of water detection is the monitoring of a specific high-impact trouble spot, like an emergency drain pan. Darwell's line of point water detectors are designed around just such a need.

Featuring gold plated probes and microchip technology, all of our point detectors offer the highest level of confidence in point water detection. Some applications well suited for these packages include:
· Water heater emergency drain pans
· Air conditioner condensation drain pans
· Under-the-floor computer room monitoring
· Flood drains

DD1 Drain Detectors for HVAC
A drain pan mounted version of the WD-1. This unit is ideal for use in emergency drain pans for HVAC, water heaters, etc.

Features include:
· Gold-plated sensing probes
· Non-powered relay outputs for control of other systems
· Available with fail-safe circuitry (DD-1S)
· Powered by 12-24 volts AC or DC
· Relays rated at 1 Amp @120 VAC
· Height adjustable probe, galvanized steel

The DD-1 and DD-1S may be monitored by the same monitoring panels as the WD-1 above.

DD1-AC Air Conditioning Drain Detectors
A drain pan or drain line mounted sensor shuts down the cooling before a leak can flood your home or business. I deal for add on or new construction. Rooftop units or split systems.

DD1-WH Water Heater Leak Detector
A drain pan mounted version with inlet water shut off valve designed specifically for water heaters. This kit makes water heater floods virtually impossible.

Modular Zone Water Detection
Many situations require monitoring large areas for the presence of water. The Darwell AT1-M modular zone water detector module provides an excellent solution for these needs. This unique technology combines proven reliability with the utmost in flexibility. The low maintenance sensing cable provides the AT1-M with the suitability for a wide range of applications, including:
· Perimeter monitoring
· Pipe leak detection
· Under-floor detection
· Air conditioner vicinity monitoring

Modular Zone Sensing Cable
AT1-15M, AT1-25M, AT1-30M, AT1-50M
Used in conjunction with the AT1-M module this unique sensing cable is designed to absorb moisture and activate the AT1-M's output relay when water levels are sufficient to complete an electrical circuit. Best of all, the sensing cable is non-destructive, so that when the water evaporates, the unit may be automatically reset with no need for cable replacement. Cables can be coupled together up to 100 feet.

Features include:
· Non-destructive sensing cable
· Durable mesh cloth construction
· Self locking cable connectors

Modular Zone AC Kits
AT1-AC1, AT1-AC2, AT1-AC3
One of the most common applications of the Modular Zone water detection system is for monitoring leaks in and around HVAC units. The AT1-AC Kits contain all the components necessary for fast and easy installation for AC unit.

Kit Includes:
· One AT1-M Module
· One AT1-XXM sensing cable (XX = 25, 30 or 50 foot cable)
· The appropriate number of self adhesive mounting clips
· One end-of-line resistor
· 15' Pre-wired electrical connection cable



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